First Impressions: Doom


doomWhen id Software released the beta for Doom’s multiplayer, many were worried, but those fears have subsided with the stellar campaign mode in the final game released today. id didn’t send out any advance review code for Doom, so these impressions are based on just a little bit of campaign play, but I’ll say right now if you’re a fan of the franchise: Run out and buy Doom right now.

People’s issues with the multiplayer were that it was trying to straddle two worlds. It’s an arena shooter who is trying to appeal to the CoD/Halo crowd, and that rubbed people the wrong way. It’s almost like it has an identity crisis in the MP department. It absolutely doesn’t have that problem in the campaign, this is DOOM.

Fast and frantic, the game spits you right into the action. You don’t have to sit though a dumb story at the beginning, it tosses a pistol in your hand and you are immediately slaying demons. It took me back to when I was 14 and first loaded up E1M1. Doom is brought into the 21st century in a way that I think is better than Doom 3. That game looked amazing, but if you go back to it now it’s pretty slow for a Doom game.

Weapon pick ups, armor, ammo, health and armor are all here but the game also adds some new stuff like the ability to upgrade your armor and weapons adding cool new abilities. These are unlocked by finding tokens that usually require a bit of exploration to track down.

The controversial glory kills are actually awesome and useful. When killing an enemy they’ll flash orange, that’s when you can trigger a very quick glory kill that looks pretty gruesome but also drops small health packs. It’s actually a good strategy to pull these off when you can as you’ll be needing all the health you can get, even on the default Hurt Me Plenty difficulty. The higher difficulties aren’t unlocked until you beat the game.

A couple years ago id released Wolfenstien: The New Order and fans of the classic found it to be an excellent update to the franchise. So far Doom is just as good, finally bringing back the game for a whole new generation who are raised on Call of Duty as their FPS. Doom is what a FPS should be, visceral, blazing fast, with endless action and awesome music.

You need Doom. Right now.