The Original Series Timeline Comes to Star Trek Online


STO_AgentsOfYesterday_01Fans of the Original Series will soon be able to play in that past timeline via a new expansion coming this summer to Star Trek Online.

The expansion is timed for the 50th anniversary of Trek and is titled “Agents of Yesterday”. It’ll allow you to create a new Captain and play through missions in the Original Series time period complete with ships accurate to that era including the original 1701 Enterprise’s Constitution Class.

“Star Trek Online has been able to explore other eras in the franchise from Star Trek: Enterprise to Star Trek: Voyager, while continuing to add to the core Star Trek narrative,” said Steve Ricossa, executive producer of Star Trek Online. “The 50th Anniversary of Star Trek presents a unique opportunity and challenge for our team, to faithfully venture back in time to one of the most iconic science-fiction settings and eras in television history. Combining Star Trek: The Original Series with Star Trek Online allows us to take players on some new and unique adventures in a time period that is beloved by fans.”

Continuing the tradition of bringing in Trek actors for voice-overs, Walter Koenig and Chris Doohan will be playing Chekov and Scotty in the game. Chris Doohan has played Scotty in some Star Trek fan films, and he also has cameos in the Abrams’ Trek movies, so there’s no one better to be Scotty in the game.

Here’s the announcement trailer that shows off a couple of the new areas in the expansion as well as the TOS-era ships and aliens: