The New Mutants Film Roster Revealed


Magik-and-the-X-Men-New-MutantsFox isn’t just planning a Deadpool sequel and an X-Force movie to expand the X-Men universe, The New Mutants are coming to the big screen as well.

Now director Josh Boone used Instagram to reveal his team lineup, and it consists of


Using Magik (a.k.a. Illyana Rasputin) in the movie is a no-brainer as Marvel has made Colossus’ sister a key member of the X-Men comic roster in recent years. Sunspot as well, although he’s actually involved in the Avengers comics currently by leading the New Avengers team.

Where the core X-Men movies are focusing on characters people are familiar with from the 90s animated series, it’s really cool that New Mutants will be featuring mutants that are more familiar to current comic readers. You actually see this in the reaction by a lot of film blogs to this news as they don’t know who these characters are. But readers of Marvel comics definitely do…