Could There be a Big May the 4th Star Wars Reveal This Year?


Star-Wars-May-the-4thTomorrow is May the 4th and while it’s now an official Star Wars holiday, the day that started out as a marketing ploy for the Blu-Ray release has evolved into a day fans expect a big announcement on.

We already got the Rogue One teaser trailer and it’s unlikely that a new one would come out this soon (the good money is on Celebration for new footage), and it’s doubtful we’ll hear anything about Episode VIII. Disney just began the Rogue One marketing, and the first merchandise is released tomorrow, so it wouldn’t make sense for them to do a big Episode VIII thing especially with how they hid Rogue One until The Force Awakens hit Blu-Ray.

There has been speculation that we’ll hear the Episode VIII title tomorrow, however past history isn’t on that rumor’s side. We didn’t get The Force Awakens title until November of 2014, and the film didn’t even have its final title until September of that year (it was Shadow of the Empire for a while).

Lucasfilm will also want to hold back some big guns for the upcoming Celebration, but there is still casting information to come. Everyone is waiting to hear who will play the Young Han Solo, and in the past Disney did want to announce the Episode VII cast on May the 4th but Hollywood trades began leaking stuff so they had to go early with that announcement.

There’s also an Anthology film (rumored to be Boba Fett) that will release after Episode IX. The identity of that film and its director (which used to be Josh Trank) is another announcement, although that’s something they may want to save for Celebration.

If anything is revealed tomorrow, it’s likely to be Rogue One related. Maybe they will do another teaser, one that wows fans showing Darth Vader in action?