Could WoW Players Actually See a \’Vanilla\’ Server Soon?


vanilla-wowRecently Blizzard faced a wave of controversy after they shut down the private World of Warcraft server Nostalrius. The server was running a version of the pre-Burning Crusade version of World of Warcraft that many fans call “Vanilla”. Blizzard exercised their legal right to protect their IP and shut down the server, but of course with this being the internet people revolted and screamed bloody murder at them.

Following that firestorm, Blizzard released a statement on the closure and in it they said they’ve been in contact with the team that ran Nostalrius. Today that team revealed that they’re actually meeting with Blizzard at their campus in Irvine, CA:

@Blizzard_Ent is willing to meet us in their campus! An announcement is coming this weekend!

— NostalriusBegins (@NostalBegins) April 29, 2016


They hint at some kind of announcement this weekend, and many people are hoping it’s going to be that Blizzard is basically going to be hiring key members of the team to run a Vanilla server under Blizzard’s watch. There are a lot of technical hurdles to overcome of course, so people shouldn’t get overhyped just yet, but we’ll have to see what this announcement over the weekend will be.