Mads Mikkelsen Spoils a Rogue One Story Element


rogue-one-jynEarlier in the year a rumor came out about Mad Mikkelsen’s character in Rogue One, and now the actor himself has confirmed it.

Back in January, learned that Mikkelsen would be playing the father of Felicity Jones’ character. Now Mikkelsen was on Sky News and he confirmed to them that he is indeed playing the father of Jyn Erso.

Sky News quickly removed the video from their YouTube channel (likely due to what he said), but MakingStarWars transcribed it:

“Reporter: How did you feel when you were approached?

Mikkelsen: Mmm, a little scared. I mean I wasn’t really sure whether I was wearing a Stormtrooper outfit or anything like that, at that point. And I wasn’t sure I could fit in to that. I read the script. It was very beautiful. And Felicity is playing this lovely, young, strong woman and I play her father. And that was too much, I’m sorry.”

For him to reveal the character relation, and for Sky News to quickly yank the video, must have made people controlling the Rogue One mystery box pretty scared.