Nintendo Reveals the NX Will Release March 2017



This morning Nintendo held an investor’s conference in Japan, and revealed some new information on their new console codenamed the NX.

Firstly, the console will not release this year in any territory. The release date is March 2017 globally, and they claim the system will not be at E3 in Los Angeles in June. Instead they’ll focus E3 on the new Legend of Zelda, which was also delayed but confirmed to ship on both the Wii U and NX (much like Twilight Princess shipped on the GameCube and Wii).

This comes as a surprise as many expected to see the new Nintendo console at E3, especially with both Sony and Microsoft expected to show off revisions to their consoles this year. The PS4K is widely expected to release around October prior to the PSVR launch, and Microsoft has an Xbox One revision in manufacturing (speculated to be a “Slim” version of the system).

Nintendo promises to reveal information on the NX including the price, its features, and what the launch titles will be by the end of this year. Nintendo likely wants to save the NX for its own event so people can focus on it without distractions.