Revenge of the Sith is Netflix\’s Most-Rented Star Wars DVD



Netflix’s DVD side of things may be forgotten in the realm of online streaming, but people still rent Star Wars movies from them. The rental service has released a list the Star Wars movies ranked on how often the DVDs have been rented, and Revenge of the Sith comes out at #1:

#1 Revenge of the Sith
#2 A New Hope
#3 Attack of the Clones
#4 The Phantom Menace
#5 The Empire Strikes Back
#6 Return of the Jedi

The fact that all three Prequels are rented more often than Empire Strikes Back may give some fanboys a heart attack. For those who don’t hate the Prequels, this is an interesting development to show that people out there still do want to watch the movies…