New Civil War \’Team\’ Posters Released



Marvel has released what is likely the final poster for Captain America: Civil War, and it’s actually two posters that join together.

The problem with these posters comes from Sony. Since they won’t allow Marvel (Disney) to use Spider-Man in the promotional campaign for the movie (outside of the trailer, of course) it makes the fight look unfair to Team Iron Man.

In the movie, it’s actually a 6v6 fight and not a 5v6 fight like the posters and promo art makes it look.

While everyone gets scraps with everyone, the main face offs work out to:

Tony vs. Steve
Clint vs. Nat
Vision vs. Wanda
War Machine vs. Falcon
Spider-Man vs. Ant Man

But you wouldn’t know that because Sony doesn’t want Spider-Man on Disney’s posters. Which is a shame, as there’s quite a bit of Spider-Man in the movie.

Here are the posters at full res: