Is Marvel Planning to Bring Quasar to the MCU?



Marvel has released a new image teasing the return of a popular character to comics, and it’s possible this could be Quasar. Even more important, this could signal a possible introduction to the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel’s general rule is to “refresh” a character in the comics roughly eighteen months before they put them in a movie. They did this with Guardians of the Galaxy, and more recently Doctor Strange and Black Panther.

There are some real reasons why Quasar could be making his MCU debut soon after his comic return:

  • In 2013 investment site The Motley Fool claimed Marvel was considering Quasar for a movie (link was here, but since removed).
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is just about one year away and the cosmic nature of it would be the perfect chance to introduce him.
  • There are some new cast members in Guardians and their roles are unannounced. Quasar’s powers have a light element to them, and Peter Quill’s father was described as pure light by his mom. What if Kurt Russell is playing an older Quasar?
  • Phase 3 has a very cosmic theme with Captain Marvel and Infinity War, so Quasar would fit right in with the upcoming movies.

There’s speculation that the teaser is for a different character. But with how Marvel treats returning characters to the comics prior to a MCU introduction, it’s very possible they’re bringing Quasar back with the intention to introduce him in the movies sometime during Phase 3.