Star Wars Fandom Needs an Enema


This Town Needs an Enima

There is a sickening cancer in Star Wars fandom right now that absolutely needs to be purged, especially in a time when more and more new fans are being brought to the franchise.

There is a movement of one small (but very vocal) group of fans who want Lucasfilm to bring back the old Expanded Universe canon and are resulting to harassment to get their way. The public facing “Give Us Legends” group likes to do hand-waving and blame it on trolls, but they need to make a very public stance against harassment and death threats or it will completely destroy any hope they have of Lucasfilm taking them seriously.

They can’t just blame the harassment on the trolls, they have to take a very hard line and ban those voices from their social media platform. They have to do everything they can to silence those people who resort to harassment and death threats over what was technically just licensed fan fiction.

How do you think a new fan will react when some psychopath starts harassing them because they say how much they like Rey, when the GUL person thinks they need to be bowing down before the Yuuzhan Vong war? That new Star Wars fan is going to be scared away from Star Wars and go be the fan of some other franchise where they won’t be harassed for not worshipping what you like.

Likewise do you seriously think Lucasfilm is taking you seriously after the history of harassment the movement has? A prominent Star Wars blogger was scared away from his blog after months of death threats by people connected to the “Give Us Legends”/”Bring Back Legends” groups. We posted a couple stories today pointing out the history of harassment with links and documented proof, and had to delete both of them after being spammed with death threats.

This is a group who organized a 1-star review spam attack on Amazon to try to kill Aftermath’s sales. They disrupted panels at DragonCon and physically accosted other fans just to try to get their way. When none of those harassment tactics worked, they decided to commit “SPOIL JIHAD” and spam people with The Force Awakens spoilers until Lucasfilm gave into their demands and returned the old EU.

You can put up a thousand billboards in every city in the country, but Lucasfilm is just going to ignore them as long as people are being hurt by those waving your flag. Until “Give Us Legends” takes a hard line anti-harassment stance by banning those “trolls” from their community and makes an effort to end the harassment the movement has been a part of, no Star Wars fan should put up with anything they promote.