Here\’s How Much Spider-Man is in Civil War (Spoilers)



There is a lot of confusion over exactly how much Spider-Man is in Civil War, and some people are trying to start bogus rumors that he uses the “Iron Spider” suit in the film. To help diffuse those rumors, here is exactly what you’ll see of Spider-Man in the best Marvel Cinematic Universe movie.

Prior to the big airport battle in the middle of the movie, Tony and Nat are talking about bringing in more people to their side. He asks her if they could get the Hulk and she jokes about him not really being on their side while asking Tony if he has any idea. The movie then jumps to Queens and we’re introduced to both Aunt May and Peter Parker.

Tony knows Peter is Spider-Man and he reveals that to him during a private meeting in Peter’s room (Tony uses a cover that Parker won a grant from him). Tony has video of Spider-Man in a crappy home-made costume that he shows to Peter before finding where the costume is hidden in his room. This is when we learn that Peter has only been Spider-Man for about six months. We also learn that he created the web fluid himself (thus fixing a problem with both previous Spider-Man series). Tony convinces Peter to be on his side by threatening to tell Aunt May, and Peter stops him by webbing his hand to the door knob.

Later when the face-off prior to the start of the airport battle begins, Tony calls in “Underoos” like in the trailer, and Spider-Man is on Team Iron Man for the entire fight. It’s a six vs six battle. You get absolute classic and mouthy Spider-Man in the fight with tons of quips and one-liners including one of the movie’s best lines in an Empire Strikes Back reference by young Peter.

There is no “Iron Spider” suit in Civil War. Spidey has his crummy home-made suit that’s barely seen in Tony’s videos, and then the suit in the trailer is what he wears during the fight. It’s a suit made by Tony Stark (like the Iron Spider), but is obviously much closer to the traditional Spider-Man suit. It’s actually cool that Tony made that suit as it’s a good explanation as to how a teenager could have such a professional Spider-Man costume.

The last time we see Spider-Man is at the end of the airport fight where he’s completely worn out and lying on the ground. Tony tells him he’s done and that he’ll call Aunt May.

In all it’s about twenty minutes of Spider-Man. The Peter Parker stuff is about five minutes, and then he’s in the entirety of the airport fight (despite being digitally erased from every scene of it in commercials and trailers).