Rumor: Star Trek 2017 Will Be Set After Undiscovered Country and Before TNG



Star Trek fans starving for information about the 2017 series may be happy with this rumor.

According to Birth.Movies.Death, the 2017 Star Trek series will be set in the Prime universe but before The Next Generation:

“I’ve also heard the show, which will be heavily serialized, will not be set on an Enterprise, although that feels like a no-brainer. One last rumble I heard, which I could not get second sourced at this time, so consider this a wild rumor: while the Khitomer Conference will have paved the way for Klingons and humans to find peace, Fuller has a plan as to how he can still feature villainous Klingons, something we haven’t seen in decades!”

They go on to say the seasons may take on an anthology style, with future years of the show being set in a different time period beyond the post-Undiscovered Country one.