Do You Think Poe Dameron Says \’Thugs\’ or \’Dogs\’?



One of the things that surprised people when they saw The Force Awakens in theaters last December was when many people heard Poe Dameron say “thugs” during the Takodana battle. In the US the word isn’t very popular these days, and some even consider it to be racist. So for people to hear that coming from a Disney release came as a surprise, but with the Blu-Ray and Digital release out now the real word has surfaced.

According to the subtitles on the disc and digital version of the movie, Poe Dameron actually says “Dogs”. Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo confirmed that the script says that as well, but that definitely clashes with what most people hear when they see the movie. Just do a Google search for “Poe Dameron Thugs” and you’ll find a lot of people believing that’s what he says. I even loaded up the movie today and re-watched that line four times and each time it did sound like “Thugs” (or maybe “Dugs”, Sebulba’s race).

Either he says “Thugs” in the movie and the subtitles on the home release are just using what the script says, or most people heard what he said wrong and he does say “Dogs”.