No, Luke\’s Ship From the 80s Star Wars Comics Isn\’t In The Force Awakens



Today there’s an image people are spreading around claiming that Luke’s shuttle from an obscure issue of the 80’s Marvel Star Wars comic was the ship that dropped Rey off on Jakku.

Completely ignoring the fact that it’s extremely unlikely that JJ Abrams read an obscure issue of the non-canon Star Wars comic book from the 80s and decided to put Luke’s ship in the movie, these people are using the similarity as some bizarre confirmation that Rey is Luke’s daughter. Thankfully there’s a real explanation to the ship.

Lucafilm’s Pablo Hidalgo Tweeted this image to silence any confusion. This is the ship that left Rey on Jakku, as seen in the Art of The Force Awakens book:

Sorry Legends fanatics, in this case there’s no truth to a legend. It’s an original design created for the movie, and not a random (deep pull) Luke connection from the old Marvel comics series. Next thing you know someone will claim to spot Jaxxon in the background on Jakku.