Pandering to Tumblr Fan \’Shipping\’ Has Killed Arrow


olicityArrow Season 4 is blowing massive amounts of goats, and thanks to boneheaded pandering decisions by the show-runners fans are jumping ship from the DC series.

The problem comes from the producers deciding that the Tumblr “Olicity” crowd is more important to pander to than actual comic fans who want to see a GREEN ARROW show. So what started out as a show based on Green Arrow has evolved into an unfunny version of Moonlighting that doesn’t have characters normal people care about and doesn’t have Bruce Willis. By putting such a focus on Felicity, the Arrow show-runners are catering to the Tumblr crowd and alienating the target audience of comic fans.

This is in stark contrast to what The Flash, Legends, and Supergirl producers are doing. The Flash is a fanboy brain explosion of comic awesomeness every week, and it just keeps getting better and better. It’s the best, and most accurate to the source material, comic book show on the air right now and both Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl are following the same philosophy. Legends features a great DC villain in Vandal Savage and is equal parts Doctor Who and Star Trek set in the DC universe. It’s a lot of fun. Likewise Supergirl’s first season has been a lot of fun, and while it’s not to The Flash’s level yet, they’re doing a great job with it.

Hopefully Arrow doesn’t go for a sixth season. Because unless they kill off Felicity, they’re going to be killing any viewers the show has left next season.