Zack Snyder Kills the Stupid \”Joker is Robin\” Fan Theory



Last year Star Wars fans had to suffer through the dumb “Luke is Kylo” theories, and now DC fans are suffering the same fate with Batman V Superman. The crazy fan theory is that instead of being killed by The Joker, the Robin who is dead in the DCEU actually became the Joker.

In a video interview with IGN, Snyder confirms that Robin died at the hands of a young Joker:

“In my mind it was that Robin had died about ten years earlier in some run in with a young Joker. So that was an interesting thing to me. Sorta a fun backstory to play with.”

Just like people mocking the “Luke is Kylo” theory, those who are emotionally invested in the dumb “Joker is Robin” stuff probably won’t accept this until they show the Death in the Family scene in a movie to disprove their delusions.