The Force Awakens Deleted Scenes Amount to Less Than 5 Minutes


force-awakens-special-editionThose getting hyped up over the deleted scenes for The Force Awakens should know that they really aren’t that long or elaborate. In fact the whole thing amounts to less than five minutes of footage.

These are the deleted scenes you’ll find on the disc next week. One additional deleted scene will be a digital exclusive.

Kylo Searches the Falcon: Stormtroopers enter the Falcon and announce it’s clear. Kylo comes in and goes into the cockpit and has a moment where he says “Han Solo”. He hears something outside and sees the X-Wings beginning their attack in the distance.

Snow Speeder Chase: Rey and Finn in the Snowspeeder you can see in the background later in the movie. Finn is driving and Rey is firing at a pursuing Snowtrooper in a speeder. They switch places and Finn destroys the pursuing speeder with a well-placed shot. Unfinished effects.

Jakku Message: Set earlier in the movie this is where Leia learns of the attack on the Jakku village and doesn’t know if Poe or BB-8 makes it out alive.

Finn and the Villager: A very short scene where Finn comes face to face with a villager on Jakku and can’t bring himself to shoot her.

Fin Will be Fine: Another very short scene. The doctor who was treating Chewie earlier in the movie tells Rey that her friend will be fine. That’s it.

X-Wings Prepare for Lightspeed: In unfinished effects this is Poe leading the X-Wings into Hyperspace. A very short scene, it does feature a funny line about lightspeed from Snap.

Overall the deleted scenes are a little disappointing. We don’t know what that Han scene with Maz will be like until the digital version releases this Friday, so maybe that will elevate them a bit.