Nintendo NX More Powerful Than PS4? It\’s Not Without Precedence…


nintendoSome people are freaking out about a rumor that originated on Reddit that the Nintendo NX is “slightly” more powerful than a PS4. The rumor says that the system is “slightly” more powerful than a PS4, although still using an ARM processor, ports of Xbox One and PS4 games run a little better on the system.

People with their opinions clouded by Nintendo making a cheaper system with the Wii probably forget, but Nintendo has made hardware more powerful than Sony’s in the past.

Prior to the Wii, the GameCube was slightly more powerful than the PlayStation 2 (and the original Xbox more than both). This allowed PS2-to-GameCube ports to run a little better with additional effects on Nintendo’s platform. The GameCube was hampered by a proprietary media format that held less than the PS2’s DVD option, but in terms of graphical capability it was slightly better.

Adding some fuel to this rumor is the nearly confirmed “PS4.5” or “PS4K” that Sony is expected to announced and release later this year. This will be a slightly upgraded PlayStation 4 that will play games at higher resolutions and with additional capabilities. If Sony is scrambling to update the PS4 to keep it competitive, it’s possible that the NX spec rumor could be true.