The Women of Themyscira Revealed



Entertainment Weekly has revealed a first look at the supporting characters of Themyscira in next summer’s Wonder Woman movie.

In the image you can see Gal Gadot surrounded by:

“Preparing her for a world of men are three regal women: Diana’s mother, Queen Hippolyta (Gladiator’s Connie Nielsen), and her two military aunts – General Antiope (Robin Wright) and Antiope’s lieutenant, Menalippe (Force Majeure’s Lisa Loven Kongsli). This trio of immortals is responsible for both raising and training Diana — the only child on this estrogen heavy isle — but they don’t always agree. Hippolyta, a revolutionary leader, longs to shelter her beloved daughter from the outside world, but Antiope, the Amazon responsible for Diana’s training, wants to prepare her.”

Following Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman will be the fourth movie in the DC Extended Universe when it releases next June and will be the last standalone before Justice League arrives.