Rumor: Disney Wants to Turn Tower of Terror into Guardians of the Galaxy



Today there’s a big controversy on Twitter after a rumor that Disney wants to change the popular Tower of Terror ride into a Guardians of the Galaxy ride.

Major film blogs are laughing at the idea because of their cluelessness over how the Disney parks operate, while fans of the park believe this news due to the source. It comes from the WDWMagic forums, which have a very long history of information leaking out from true park “insiders”.

This is the post on WDWMagic:

“Nope. Welcome to The Guardians of the Galaxy Tower of Terror. Yes. Really. Yes, Disney wants to destroy (or make over depending on how you look at it) one of its high points of creative product in the last 25 years to tie it to a BRAND that it can’t even use to advertise and promote, in Florida that is.

You see, like almost everything these days, the genesis of this project is in Anaheim where ToT isn’t an anchor of a park (DCA), just part of its menu of offerings. A park that can take full advantage of The Weatherman’s acquisition spree (the only thing that marks his tenure as head of the world’s largest entertainment company) and is planning a major Marvel addition right next door to an old hotel on Hollywood’s dark side. WDI has pushed this concept heavily and TDA wants to do it badly.

Having to license The Twilight Zone IP from CBS, IP that most people not born prior to 1980 have little if any knowledge of — just makes it even more attractive.”

The idea is that the Guardians of the Galaxy Tower of Terror would open sometime in 2017 to coincide with the opening of more Marvel attractions in Disney California Adventure. Disney is planning a Marvel land at that park (they are actually moving Spider-Man and Captain America over there already), and the Tower of Terror sits at what would be the entrance for this new Marvel Land.