Target\’s 20 Minutes of Force Awakens Bonus Footage is Digital Only



When the retailer exclusives for The Force Awakens Blu-Ray were announced, many fans began to wonder what that 20 minutes of exclusive footage Target had meant. While there isn’t information on what that twenty minutes of behind the scenes footage includes, we do now know it won’t come on a disc.

That bonus footage Target is promoting for their Force Awakens pre-order is going to be digital-only and will not come on a special bonus disc as some fans had hoped. The bonus content will be distributed via a code inside the packaging and will be streamed via the Disney Movies Anywhere website.

With that known, the only real difference between the different retailer exclusives is the packaging. Aside from the awesome steelbook at Best Buy, Target does have one of the cooler boxes for The Force Awakens Blu-Ray. Walmart also has an exclusive package, while the Disney Store is offering a BB-8 lithograph with their pre-order.