New Rumored Star Wars Experience Details for Disneyland



Disney is about the break ground in Anaheim for the new Star Wars Experience expansion, and some new rumored details of what to expect this year have come out.

These come from MakingStarWars, and they seem to check out based on what’s been going on lately at the park:

  • The Marvel area above the Star Wars Launch Bay is being removed and the rumor is it may house a Star Wars Land preview area of some kind and additional Star Wars content.
  • Right now the plan is for the cantina in Star Wars Land to serve alcohol which is a big deal in the Disneyland park.
  • You won’t be able to see any visual elements of the Star Wars area until you enter so it’s complete immersion. You’ll exit Critter country and enter a narrow tunnel, coming out of it seeing massive buildings and X-Wings setting a dazzling tone.
  • A complicated laser system is in place that will allow them to project things into the sky that look like ships from the Star Wars galaxy.

There will also apparently be a Rogue One behind the scenes video playing in Star Wars Launch Bay later this year. Right now they have a general Star Wars video that has a focus on The Force Awakens, so it’ll make sense to swap that one out to focus on the new Star Wars movie coming out this December.