New Civil War Trailer Possibly Out This Week



If we go by past history of Marvel trailer promotion, we’re likely to see a new Civil War trailer by this weekend.

On Thursday’s episode, Entertainment Tonight is scheduled to feature a special look at Captain America: Civil War. Traditionally these “special looks” on ET are just clips from the newest trailer with the host making eye-rolling comments over. When Entertainment Tonight did the same thing with Avengers: Age of Ultron, we got the new trailer the next day.

Of course the big question is whether or not we’re going to see Spider-Man in it. The latest rumor is that we’d see Peter Parker out of the suit due to the issues with Disney promoting Sony’s character. Marvel will want people to know that Spider-Man is in the movie when they see this new trailer in theaters with Batman V Superman, so they’re probably doing everything they can to get the webslinger in this preview.

It’s also entirely possible that an early cut of the trailer only featured Peter Parker to avoid any leaks of what the Spider-Man suit looks like, and the final cut of the trailer will feature the suit. Then again, it’s also possible that Marvel wants to save the reveal of the final suit until people see the movie, much like Lucasfilm did with Luke Skywalker.