Sony\’s Venom Movie Will Have No Connection to Spider-Man



Today it was announced that Sony has hired yet another writer to tackle their Venom movie, but it’s also sounding like a wasted effort.

In perhaps one of the dumbest decisions since Warner greenlit Steel and Catwoman, Sony’s Venom movie will have no connection to the rebooted Spider-Man franchise and exist completely unrelated to the character. Yes, you heard that right. A character who’s origin is linked directly to Spider-Man will be featured in a movie that exists in a universe where there is no Spider-Man.

This is obviously due to the fact that Spider-Man now exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Avi Arad is the producer of Venom. Many Marvel fans know that there is a very strained history between him and Marvel Studios, which is why he’s not really involved in the rebooted Spider-Man series.

But making a Venom movie that’s not connect to Spider-Man is about as dumb as making a Superman movie where Krypton doesn’t explode!