Marvel Reveals a Han Solo Comic That\’s Hard to Get Excited For


The Empire Strikes Back - Han Solo

Today Marvel revealed a new Han Solo comic mini-series is on the way this June, and it’s really hard to get excited about this one.

Sure a Han Solo comic is a great idea, but the setting for this one is a colossal “meh”. Once again this comic mini-series will be set in the time between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Sure, a Han Solo comic set after ESB would be pretty boring with him being frozen in carbonite, but there are other eras they could explore.

Ok, so the pre-ANH era is probably off-limits to not step on the toes of the Han Solo movie that will be set in that Prequel time. But what about post-ROTJ? It’s not like Disney is trying to hide the fact that Kylo is Han Solo’s son anymore, so why can’t we get some comic book content set in that era?

We’re getting some new novels set post-ROTJ and there are still some small rumors of a possible post-ROTJ animated series in the future, but right now the Marvel comics are (for the most part) stuck in that “safe” time between ANH and ESB.

There are only so many comics and mini-series fans can take in a relatively boring and safe time period before they completely tune out from Marvel’s offerings.