See the Disappointing Trailer for the Unneeded Ghostbusters Remake



What happens when you cross Bridesmaids humor with Ghostbusters? This.

Even though this is a remake of the original movie, the marketing is trying to make it sound like this is a sequel thirty years later. Sony is obviously hoping to latch on to some of the nostalgia that worked in the favor of The Force Awakens to sell their unneeded and unwanted Ghostbusters remake on the masses.

Right from the start this thing is filled with Bridesmaids style humor such as ghost vomit getting into “every crack”. That’s not the sort of humor the Ghostbuster movies were known for, but Sony obviously wants to cash in on that Bridesmaids crowd by using the same writer and director to meld that style of movie with the Ghostbusters franchise. Will it work? Well, people are hyped for this. But I’m not overly excited about one of the best comedies ever made being remade in the mold of something that’s unfunny.