This is Not the Star Wars Episode VIII Title…



A photo of something claiming to be the title of Star Wars Episode VIII is being spread around on social media, except this is a fake created to promote a dumb YouTube channel.

Mike Zeroh posted the above image on his Facebook page, claiming that the image was deleted from Reddit (because that somehow makes his fake sound so much more real). For those who don’t know who this is, he’s a guy who creates incredibly bogus Star Wars “fan theories” and posts them to YouTube. He’s created similar bogus “promotional material” stuff in the past prior to The Force Awakens to drive views to his fake spoiler videos, and this is just another fake he’s concocted to fool people into watching his made up videos.

During the lead up to the Prequels there was a guy online called Supershadow who posted completely bogus and made up plots for those movies before they released, which gullible people on the internet believed and shared with friends. Mike Zeroh is the Supershadow of the YouTube age, and people shouldn’t believe anything Star Wars related that he posts.