Sorry Internet, Early Batman V Superman Ticket Sales are Strong


batman-v-superman-posterIf people listen to what idiots on the internet say, you’d be coerced into believing that Batman V Superman would be this year’s Fantastic Four flop.

Tickets for the movie went on sale today (Superman’s birthday), and early sales are strong. They didn’t crash Fandango like Star Wars did (because nothing is Star Wars), but many large theaters in key metropolitan areas are already showing the first IMAX showings as sold out. If they’re selling out this early, then by the time many people get home from work tonight the first night shows may be completely sold out.

Also putting tickets on sale early in the morning was a bit smarter than how they handled it with Star Wars. There are fewer people available to rush ticketing sites like with Star Wars, where Disney made the sites wait until prime time in the evening following Monday Night Football to put tickets on sale. Yea, that’s a smart marketing angle, but it’s absolutely stupid on a technical side of things.

Another thing Batman V Superman is getting that Star Wars didn’t is another “Ultimate Ticket” that Regal Theaters is offering. Like they did with The Hunger Games and Spectre, they produced 1,000 steel cards that allow people to see the movie once a day for the entire theatrical run. Those limited edition tickets go for $100, and while that’s steep they do work on premium formats like IMAX or RPX.

It’s really funny to see people on the internet predicting a movie with the two biggest comic book characters of all time would flop. But that’s the thing with a movie like this, negative news gets you website clicks and social media engagement while anything positive is ignored. People just want to bash DC in a stupid Marvel vs DC fanboy war, while on the other hand we’re finally getting a DC cinematic universe. That’s what people should be excited for.