Rumor: Parker (Not Spidey) in Next Civil War Trailer



Marvel fans have been really hoping to see Spider-Man revealed in a Civil War trailer, and some are starting to get desperate. Much like the people who swore Luke Skywalker would show up in The Force Awakens’ marketing prior to release, there are people doing the same with Spider-Man.

People have been saying there are some rights entanglements with Spider-Man, which could likely mean it’s difficult for Disney to use the character in promotion for their movie as he’s still owned by Sony. Sony is still making and promoting the 2017 Spider-Man movie, and they’d be the one handling the promotion for that, so it wouldn’t be an issue for the next movie he’ll be in.

Now a rumor comes from the Marvel First Twitter account, which does have a history of correctly leaking scoops from the Marvel movies. They say Peter Parker will appear in the trailer, but not the Spider-Man suit:


If they don’t name him as Peter Parker, they could show the character in the trailer without the ire of Sony’s marketing. And he does say that’s the most recent cut of the trailer, which is expected to come out within the next couple of weeks.