Marvel Casts a White Guy as Danny Rand and the Internet Can\’t Even



The long and controversial casting odyssey for Marvel’s Iron Fist has ended, and the internet outrage culture is having seizures as they curse Marvel.

While he was rumored to be up for the role a while ago by the Hashtag Show, EW has confirmed that Game of Trones actor Finn Jones will be Marvel’s Danny Rand. Ser Loras Tyrell does definitely fit the look Marvel needs for Danny Rand, but people who think that only Asian people can do kung fu are flipping a fit and screaming that Marvel are “racist sh*tlords”.

These people have never read a comic in their life and latched on to the martial-arts themed Iron Fist as their mountain to die on, even though most don’t even know the story of Danny Rand and how changing his race (in this case) actually alters his story.

For those unfamiliar with Iron Fist (which is probably 90% of the internet screaming outrage today), Danny Rand is the son of a rich white businessman in New York who travels to a mystical city called K’un L’un where he learns his martial arts skills. It’s like Daniel Russo in Karate Kid III in Okinawa, it makes absolutely no sense for a white kid from NY to be in that setting and that’s what makes Danny Rand the Marvel character that he is. It’s like taking the alcoholism away from Tony Stark or the pre-car accident arrogance away from Stephen Strange.

Marvel has been really good with not overly changing the core elements of the characters they bring to the MCU, and for them to change the “fish out of water” element of Danny Rand by caving into the outrage culture on the Internet would be a betrayal to what they’ve already built the MCU on.

For fans of the comic, this means we’re finally going to get to see Power Man & Iron Fist realized in live action.