Big Rumors of DC Comics Changes


DC Comics

There are a couple of big rumors floating around about DC Comics that are worth talking about…

According to Bleeding Cool, two big things will be happening with DC Comics in June. The first is that they’ll be restarting all books again with fresh #1s, and the second is that Scott Snyder will be leaving the main Batman book.

The first rumor is something Marvel does almost every year with newer launches of Marvel Now. DC did it recently with some books as part of the DCYou flop, which came out of the Convergence event that was just to fill the months as DC moved from New York to California. DCYou didn’t really affect sales even close to what the New 52 did, so if they want to try to copy Marvel Now one almost can’t blame them.

The other rumor is that Scott Snyder would be leaving Batman to write Detective Comics. That’s what Snyder was writing before taking over Batman for the New 52, so if true he’d at least still be writing Batman.

Again as this is just a rumor, however DC Comics publisher Dan Didio just Tweeted this image:


— dan didio (@dandidio1) January 22, 2016


This sounds like it’s going to happen people.