DC Films Launches as an Answer to Marvel Studios



When people talk about Marvel movies, they know by now that the ones from Marvel Studios are part of the cinematic universe. Now Warner Bros. has officially revealed DC Films, which looks to be their version of Marvel Studios.

Having a single entity overseeing all of the DC movies is a good idea, as it works with Marvel and is needed for a cinematic universe to make sure everything meshes together. Lucasfilm has the Story Group to do this with Star Wars, and Paramount has a writers room for Transformers. So it’s not surprising that Warner did this for DC, and it’s cool that they’re really putting them out there right from the start as a specific brand under which all the DC movies will fall under. Right now they have an official verified Facebook page and there appears to be a placeholder Twitter account sitting there waiting for them to use it.

However unlike Marvel, DC doesn’t have to worry about there being non-cinematic universe DC Films. Warner and DC own all of their characters, as no one was pawned off to other studios like what happened with Marvel’s X-Men, Spider-Man, and Fantastic Four. So where Marvel Studios let people know what movies were part of the same universe, the DC Films moniker is just a brand to show that they’re going to be all in one shared universe.