Rumor: Episode VIII Production Delayed a Month


Force Awakens Images

There’s a new rumor that production of Episode VIII has been pushed back a month, but this isn’t likely to affect the May 2017 release date for the sequel.

It comes from The Wrap’s Jeff Sneider who has heard that filming has been pushed back a month while they do another re-write on the script. The re-write is to move the focus more onto Rey, Finn, and Poe as opposed to some of the newer characters who will be introduced in this movie. He also says an unknown Asian actress has been cast as one of these new characters.

That casting meshes with some older rumors about how Rogue One was cast, as those rumors say that Asian roles were specifically created for the movie to help Star Wars do better in parts of the world where it’s not as well known.

The news about the production delay is at the 23:00 mark in this video podcast: