Netflix Slaps NBC Over Their False Jessica Jones Ratings


jessica-jones-1About a week ago NBC came out and claimed to have ratings numbers for Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Netflix. The problem is that almost anyone who knows how technology works knew NBC was full of it when they revealed their numbers.

Basically NBC used some numbers from a mobile app company that has a Shazam-style app that determines what TV show a person was watching at that time. NBC used that data to say that Jessica Jones was getting poor ratings in the 18-49 demographic compared to big network shows. The problem with these sorts of numbers is that they were entirely dependent on people using that specific smartphone/tablet app and not a realistic depiction of the actual viewership of Jessica Jones.

Of course that didn’t stop big Hollywood trades who fear the new frontier of online streaming from running the numbers to try to paint Netflix as a failure. Well now Netflix has come out at the TCAs and basically bitch slapped NBC over that report according to ComicBookMovie:

“Given what is really remarkably inaccurate data, I hope they didn’t spend any money on it.” In an even bigger burn, Sarandos added, “There’s a couple mysteries at play for me. Why would NBC use their lunch slot to talk about our ratings? Maybe because it’s more fun than talking about NBC ratings. … The methodology doesn’t reflect any sense of reality we keep track of.”

“I can’t even tell you how many 18-49 users we have … we don’t track them. Those sample sets don’t give you a lot of information when people are watching thousands of shows [on Netflix] around the world. Somewhere in the world, every second of every day, someone is pressing start on a Netflix original. … There is not an apples to apples comparison to Netflix watching and any Nielsen rating.”

Netflix pretty soundly shut up NBC right there. Netflix just renewed Jessica Jones for a second season as well.