Deadpool Has Been Banned in China!



The Merc With the Mouth won’t be showing in theaters in one of the largest markets in the world, as Deadpool has been banned in China.

According to THR (who is citing local Chinese news stories), the upcoming Deadpool movie has been banned in China due to the graphic violence and nudity in the movie. Even worse sources are saying it wouldn’t be possible to edit down the movie to satisfy the Chinese censors without causing plot problems. That means that Deadpool likely won’t play anywhere in China.

The good news for Fox is that China only allows a certain number of outside Hollywood movies each year (which is probably one of the reasons why The Force Awakens didn’t premiere there until 2016). Without Deadpool playing in China, it opens up another slot for Fox to release a movie into the huge box office market there.

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld had a good response to the movie being banned in China: