Target is About to Destroy Their Awesome BB-8 Displays



Star Wars fans that frequented the Target toy isle around Force Friday probably remember their awesome life-sized BB-8 displays. They had motion sensors in them that would cause BB-8 to come to life when someone walked by them, but now they all seem to be on the path to the landfill.

Fans have learned that Target managers have been ordered to destroy the BB-8s, and have started a petition to save the displays have have them given away in some way:

“Here’s the deal. Target stores across the country have these really awesome life size BB-8 displays in their toy sections. They move, light up and even make sounds. We fans LOVE BB-8 and of course would love to take this little guy home. But Target managers are telling people that all of these displays must be destroyed. Why produce more garbage just to throw into landfills when you have something that would be loved and cherished by fans? Why not raffle these things off for charity and to give fans a chance of owning one of these?”

While it’s not exactly clear if the order to destroy them originates with the Target home office or Disney, hopefully the petition will do some good and Lucasfilm will allow Target to orchestrate some kind of cool give-away so a fan can have one of the BB-8s instead of the local dump.