Could Marvel Keep Civil War\’s Spider-Man Hidden?


spider-man-civil-war1There’s a lot of people clamoring to see Spider-Man in Civil War, but could Marvel do what Lucasfilm did with Luke Skywalker?

This is something I’ve been thinking about lately. Everyone really wants to see what Spider-Man looks like, but as he’s likely not in the movie that much it could be possible that Marvel will want to hold back on his cameo until the movie comes out. It worked out very well for Star Wars as the Luke question became a trending topic on social media with the #WheresLuke hashtag.

The online desire to see Spider-Man in Civil War is very similar to people hoping to see Luke before the release of The Force Awakens. Almost every day we hear a different rumor about when Spidey will be revealed, just like there were constant (bogus) rumors about a big Luke reveal before the release of Star Wars.

Of course it’s always possible we’ll see Spider-Man before the movie is released, possibly in the full trailer that’s expected late next month or in March, but if we don’t get to see Spider-Man before the movie is released it wouldn’t come as a complete surprise based on how things worked out for Star Wars.