VFX Video Reveals the CGI and Green Screen of The Force Awakens



Prior to the release of The Force Awakens, all you would hear is about how the movie would be filled with “Practical Effects”. Some people on the internet actually believed there would be no CGI or green screen in the movie, but a new video shows how the effects of The Force Awakens were done.

A new video uploaded for the Oscars VFX category shows before-and-after shots from many scenes in The Force Awakens, and the movie does use a lot more CGI than the “Pratical Effects” crowd wants you to think. This is also exactly how they did the effects in the Prequels with plenty of models and real sets.

This ten-minute video takes you through the major effects shots of the movie, and not surprisingly there are quite a lot of “Full Digital Shots”, CGI, and green screen used in creating the effects:

EDIT – The Oscars set the video for private after it started being spread around. Here’s a mirror…while it lasts.