The Force Awakens Probably Won\’t Defeat Avatar Worldwide



Despite beating Avatar’s domestic box office record, it’s now looking like The Force Awakens may not beat it worldwide.

The bad news comes from THR who says that’s due to Asian territories and Latin America where Star Wars isn’t as strong as it is un the US:

“But the Oscar-winning director looks set to maintain bragging rights: Force Awakens likely won’t topple the $2.79 billion Cameron’s 2009 fantasy Avatar earned to become the world’s top-grossing film. Why? Force isn’t as strong in parts of Asia and Latin America, where Star Wars doesn’t have the same legacy as it does in North America and more mature markets. It’s also a faster burn, meaning it likely won’t stay in theaters as long as Avatar did.”

The Force Awakens will beat Titanic worldwide, which will put it as the #2 highest grossing movie of all time after Avatar. That 3D gimmick just took over the world in 2009 and rocketed the Smurf movie into an unreachable spot.