Who is Marvel Going to Kill in Civil War II?



The New York Daily News recently revealed that Marvel will be killing off a major character in the upcoming Civil War II event, but the question is who?

Marvel’s original Civil War, now more than a decade old, famously ended with the death of Captain America in Captain America #25. With a new Captain America movie releasing in May, it’s doubtful they’ll want the title character dead in the comics as people rush to read them after seeing the film. So who else can they kill off?

Iron Man.

That’s who they’ll probably kill off. Fans of the movies may not realize this, but before Iron Man became a household name after the 2008 movie he was always a C or even D-list hero in Marvel comics. He had his own book, and was a member of the Avengers, but he was never as popular as Spider-Man or the mutants. It was the movie, not the comics, that made Iron Man famous and killing him off serves to hype up those new fans.

Comic book fans will just shrug when Tony gets axed, but people who only know him from the movies will rush to buy the comic where he dies as that will be a huge deal for them. So (if it is Iron Man that dies), it’s actually a pretty smart move on Marvel’s part. It gets that huge Iron Man movie fanbase interested in the comics, and it will make Civil War II a huge event across fanbases.

Then again, Marvel could kill off someone like Jane Foster. She’s currently Thor and is dying of cancer, but that wouldn’t create the shockwaves and mass-market news headlines like killing Iron Man would.