Rumor: Is This the Spider-Man Color Scheme in the MCU?



There are a lot of rumors flying around that we’ll get our first look at Spider-Man in the MCU soon, and a hoodie may have leaked showing the color scheme of the costume.

Recently merchandise sites have shown Captain America and Iron Man hoodies from Civil War, and one even claimed to have an image of the Spider-Man one that they weren’t allowed to post yet. But a Twitter account claims to have got their hands on the image of Spidey hoodie, which will give us a clue as to what color scheme they’ll be using for the Spider-Man suit in Civil War.

I won’t host the image here (because this is the sort of things companies abuse DMCA to censor), but here’s the tweet showing the hoodie:

CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR SPIDERMAN HOODIE LEAKED!! This is legit!! Disney is gonna be mad at me.

— SuperBro Movie News! (@SuperBroMovies) January 11, 2016


If this is true, it’s one of the most comic-accurate Spider-Man suits we’ve seen on the big screen yet.