No-Name Actor Lies About Being \’TR8R\’ on Social Media


tr8rOne of the biggest memes from The Force Awakens is easily “TR8R”, centered around the riot control Stormtrooper who fights Finn on Takodana.

Due to the popularity of “TR8R”, a no-name “actor” took to social media and began claiming himself to be the fan-favorite Stormtrooper:


He tried to pawn this fake fame into people sending him free stuff:

While boosting his follower count on Twitter:

Someone obviously called him on it as he admitted he was lying and taking credit for the work of a Chinese stuntmaster named Liang:

Star Wars fans familiar with the making of The Force Awakens knew the skinny kid was lying, as prior to release a French behind the scenes video showed Liang rehearsing the fight with John Boyega: