Kickstarter Fraudster Preys on Star Wars Fans



A Kickstarter for a “Star Wars Open World RPG” has popped up, but do not give this guy any of your money.

The only company that can make the game he wants made is Electronic Arts and they have the exclusive rights to Star Wars games for a decade. This guy does not have the rights (or knowledge) to make a Star Wars game, and he’s just scamming people out of their money. He’s asking for $200,000 and so far has earned nearly $20,000 from gullible people who really think that Disney/Lucasfilm will allow some random guy on the internet to make some Star Wars game.

Hopefully Disney/Lucasfilm will have Kickstarter pull the listing before more people are fooled into giving the guy money. Because if they don’t, and the Kickstarter ends up funded, he’s just going to take the money and run.