Get Off George R.R. Martin\’s Case About Winds of Winter


winds-winter-book-coverOver the weekend George R.R. Martin revealed on his blog that Winds of Winter would not be complete prior to the start of season six of Game of Thrones. Of course this sparked lots of articles about how shocked people were and how horrible it will be that season six of the show will spoil parts of the book.

Seriously, did anyone honestly expect Martin to finish the book and have it published before April? As he said in his blog his deadline was around October of last year. No one heard anything about the book coming out in April and if he really finished it we’d know long before now. Three months is a very short period of time to get a book out even if he did finish it this month.

C’mon people, he’s a busy guy. He’s making appearances at movie and TV premieres, hosting movie screenings in New Mexico, author signings at his local book store, and all sorts of other things that keep him away from finishing the highly-anticipated book. In time he’ll find some free time to finish the book, and then we’ll all be able to enjoy it after watching the Game of Thrones Complete Series boxed set HBO will be releasing a year or so before its release.