First Possible Details on Rogue One\’s Story


rogue-one-castUntil now all that was really known about the story of Rogue One was that it was about a group of people who end up stealing the Death Star plans right before A New Hope.

Now MakingStarWars (who got the overall story of The Force Awakens correct despite what some on the internet claim) has some potential details on the story of Rogue One. According to them, Mads Mikkelsen’s character Galen was the guy who solved the Geonosian design flaws in the Death Star for the Empire but decides the weapon is too dangerous and defects. Felicity Jones plays his daughter who puts together a team to steal the plans for the station and deliver them to the hands of the Rebellion.

That sounds like a really good place to start the story, and it would make sense for Disney to use Chris Weitz to do the script as the father-daughter tone was something he put to use in their live action Cinderella.

Rumor has it we may see a teaser trailer for Rogue One within a couple months, maybe as soon as Disney’s Zootopia…