Action Figures are Inaccurate Depictions of Movies



Over the weekend many sites ran a story claiming that Lex Luthor will suit up in power armor at the end of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice based on an action figure.

Idle Hands found the above (and below) image of Batman V Superman toys that are actually on store shelves now and believed they found a major scoop about the movie. The problem is you can never try to say definitively that something happens in a movie based on a toy, especially Mattel Batman figures.

We know that Batman doesn’t wear golden armor with Kryptonite gauntlets in the movie, but Mattel did an action figure of that:

Also look at the Dark Knight Rises action figures they did. Batman never suited up in bright red or bright blue armor in that movie, but they did action figures of those as well:

It’s from another line, but the point hits home. Do you remember any of these characters suiting up in armor in The Force Awakens?

Why release a Lex Luthor armor toy for Batman V Superman if that doesn’t happen in the movie? There are rumors in the past that it would, but the latest ones say it doesn’t. But ask yourself this. What toy would sell better to kids? Skinny Jessie Eisenberg Lex Luthor? Or power armor Lex Luthor who can fight with Batman and Superman? People need to remember that these Mattel toys are targeted towards kids’ play. The high-quality collector figures will come later from DC Direct and Hot Toys.