The Force Awakens Impales Titanic and Drops it Into a Pit (UK Box Office)


Force Awakens TitanicThe Force Awakens continues its record breaking streak at the Box Office, and now it’s killed Titanic in the UK.

After thirteen days of release, The Force Awakens has made £83.5M ($123.8M) in the UK, according to Deadline. Titanic (#2 worldwide) was the #4 film of all time over there, and this propels Star Wars past it.

In the US, The Force Awakens has now made $629 million, which puts it past the entire lifetime gross of The Avengers at $623 million. It’s now pretty much accepted that Avatar’s days are numbered, especially after the movie opens in China this coming week.

And yes, I did do what you think I did with the headline. The movie has been out for two weeks, if you haven’t already seen it you really shouldn’t be on the internet.