All of the (Rumored) Batman V Superman Details From Reddit (MAJOR SPOILERS)


batmanvsupermanYesterday a poster on Reddit claimed to have seen a screening of Batman V Superman in LA. The claims of this screening back up rumors that Warner was going to show it to some people on Tuesday night, and most of the things he says checks out. I’ve organized his replies to questions based on the subject matter. I only left out some details on Doomsday and how that fight plays out.

Warning: If this is all true it spoils the entire movie. This is your MAJOR SPOILER WARNING.

It sounds like the first act is basically Batman V Superman. Then Lex unleashes Doomsday and he’s defeated by the Trinity. Following that Lex releases an army of drones that the entire Justice League forms to defeat. Based on the backstory that exists in the DC Cinematic Universe (Death in the Family and The Killing Joke happened!) this sounds like an awesome start for DC’s movies.

I’ve split the details into separate sections:

Batman & Wonder Woman
Justice League & Lex

Here’s Superman
Batman V Superman Trailer

Superman came to terms with what happened with Zod, but he does feel guilty about all the civilian lives lost.

The Daily Planet all support Superman. Lois wrote a piece about how Superman saved the world.

Supes has an image problem with the government. Lex is well-liked by everyone, making him untouchable to Supes.

There is a sequence of scenes early in the film (following the Bruce prologue) that shows Supes traveling around the world to help.

Lex has a Kryptonite rock on display to remember the Metropolis incident, Supes begins to sweat and stagger and then that is when Lex notices the effect of Kryptonite. He doesn’t let Superman know that he knows the Kryptonite is affecting him however. Once Supes leaves, he realizes he needs to find more.

He accepts the responsibilities he has because of his powers, but the world still needs to accept him. He is established as a world protector at the end.

Clark Kent is humble and unassuming, very soft spoken.
Superman has a lot more confidence in himself. He does not back down from a fight.

You see Superman saving a lot of people and they made sure to take the Doomsday fight to an abandoned part of Gotham.