Rumor: Dan Amboyer is the New Hal Jordan


Green LanternWe may now know who is the new Hal Jordan in the DC Cinematic Universe.

Heroic Hollywood spotted a Reddit poster who claims to have seen Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice at a screening in LA last night. Most of the stuff he says checks out, and Heroic Hollywood ran it as a scoop so it could be more than just a Redditor BS’ing people.

One thing the guy said was interesting though and that’s Hal Jordan in the movie is played by Dan Amboyer.

The actor does like BVS on his resume, although as a character named “Lt. Christie”. That could just be a cover for him really being Hal Jordan though.

As it comes from Reddit, this is just a rumor for now. But it would be cool to see Hal Jordan back on the big screen in just three months.